So What's Going On?

Happy Hour Garden Party - I had a solo show as guest artist at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in Melbourne for the month of February.  I was invited by one of my favorite artists and a member of the gallery, Lori Pitten Jenkins, who also honored me by buying a piece!  I'm thrilled to say that one of my very favorite paintings ever, Five After Five, now resides in her husband Michael's man cave.  I premiered a few new pieces along with some old favorites, as the name implies, from my Botanicals & Happy Hour Series.  Thanks to the members of the gallery for their hospitality and support.

FWS - I thought I attended my last Florida Watercolor Society board meeting in January to pass the Exhibition Director reins over to Nancy Murphree Davis who is already doing an outstanding job.  Current President, Bev Yankwitt, has invited me to attend the next meeting on Zoom at the end of March.  I guess they're not done with me yet.  It's an honor to be included and I will always help with whatever they need.  

NMWS - In 2011, the New Mexico Watercolor Society hosted the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition.  I was still living in NM then and was lucky enough to get into the show and attended the festivities live.  The hosting rotates among the member organizations and it's NMWS's turn again in 2022!  Finished my entry the day before the deadline and got it entered at the last minute.  One of my favorite judges, Iain Stewart, judged the show and I'm happy to say, mine was among the pieces selected to show!  Last year, I got in for the third time and achieved Signature status.  Four more acceptances and I get Master status.  I hope I live that long.

Happy Hour Series - I completed #35 in the series, another bar scene, The Regulars, which was unveiled at the show in Melbourne.  The source photo was taken on my last trip to Chicago to see my brother two years ago.  He had an octopus tentacle appetizer!  Collecting fun glasses and getting ideas for the next Happy Hour project which will be a series of beer paintings.

Updated March 16th, 2022

Five After Five

Five After Five - Happy Hour Series #20

Watercolor on Arches CP 300#, 22" x 30"  

Bon voyage, mon ami!  More like this one coming soon.

38_The Regulars_1920x72.jpg

The Regulars - Happy Hour Series #35

Watercolor on Aquabord, UV Sealed, 18" x 24"