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So What's Going On?

AWS - Will wonders never cease?!?  Apparently not... Received word in March that At the Corner of Olive & Onion WON an award in the 2024 American Watercolor Society International Exhibition!  OMG doesn't begin to cover it!  I've been trying to get in for several years now, so I was thrilled when I finally received that acceptance, but this puts it way over the top!  Many thanks to the judges and to AWS President, Antonio Massi, for the great news!  When I get the painting back, it's headed to Lost Art Gallery to find its collector.

FWS - We're already preparing for the Florida Watercolor Society festivities in St. Pete in September 2024.  The Exhibition will be hosted by Creative Pinellas Gallery in a very large space.  So many shows to enter and so little artwork...  This will be my last year on the FWS board, but I will not desert them.  There are several projects that I will keep helping with, but this will free up my time for more painting and possibly teaching workshops.  

NMWS - With criteria met, I was awarded Master Painter status with the New Mexico Watercolor Society, one of five people (so far) to achieve this honor!  A couple more initials to add to my pedigree.  They started the Master Painter program this year, so I got in on the ground floor!  Such an honor!

WFWS - I was thrilled that Clarety was accepted to the 2024 Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition, hosted by the Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA) in Phoenix in April!  Many thanks to judge Stan Miller for including me in the show. We just returned from a 16-day, 14-state road trip out to Phoenix which included attending the WFWS Awards Gala.  Sandy hosted us at her beautiful place in Tucson and took possession of Last Call, which she has had her eye on for a while now!  At the Gala, I got to see my NMWS buddy, Barbara, and meet her husband, Paul, and meet others I have an email working relationship with but have never met in person.  It was great fun to put faces to names!  

JWS - I will be judging the Jacksonville Watercolor Society's  Fall Show on October 22nd, and presenting a two-day watercolor workshop on the 23rd & 24th.  Stay tuned for details! 


Workshops & Judging - Speaking of which, I'll be adding a page to the website outlining workshops I teach and judging credentials, if anyone is looking for those services.  Right now, I only teach in-person workshops, nothing online.  Not set up for it...yet.   

Lost Art Gallery - Had three nice sales recently!  I'll be taking in a couple of new pieces and At the Corner of Olive & Onion when I get it back from the AWS show.  I had it at the gallery last year in between shows and Alex wanted to keep it then!  He kept Tee More Martoonies and sold it quickly.  I don't think Olive & Onion will take up wall space too long, either.  Gotta paint faster!  Awesome gallery!  So glad to be a part of it.

Happy Hour SeriesProud to introduce number FIFTY in the Happy Hour Series - Pinkies Up!  This one, as with many in the series, features all garage sale and thrift store finds.  There are  a few pieces with earlier numbers I'm still working on, but this one is done and entered into the Florida Watercolor Society's 53rd Annual Exhibition.  Here's hoping judge Stephen Quiller is a fan!  

Updated May 1st, 2024

At the Corner of Olive & Onion has earned an award with my first-time acceptance to the American Watercolor Society Exhibition!  Woohoo! 


My best buddy and biggest collector, Sandy (center), sits next to my NMWS friend, Barbara McGuire at the 2024 WFWS Exhibition Awards Gala in Phoenix on April 20th.


Me & Clarety, from my Cactus Flower Series, at the 2024 WFWS Exhibition Awards Gala in AZ

The name is a play on claret cup, the variety of cactus depicted.

After this trip, expect a lot more cactus flower pieces in the near future!


17" x 8"

Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 300# Soft Press 


Sandy and I toasting her newest acquisition, Last Call, one of my very favorite paintings ever!  Goes nicely in her gorgeous. art-filled home.  

Last Call

Happy Hour Series #25

22" x 30"

Watercolor on Aquabord


Pinkies Up!

Happy Hour Series #50

18" x 12"

Watercolor & Gouache on Arches 300# Cold Press 

This one was a booger to paint!  Listened to 11 Reacher & Bosch audio books while painting it.  Keeps me at the drafting table.

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