So What's Going On?

NWS - I went to San Pedro in October for the NWS reception where I received my Signature Certificate and my very nice award!  It was so much fun seeing all my CA peeps again!  The show was impressive and I was honored to be a part of it.  Sandy came out to chauffeur me around and we had a blast!  Thanks to Rita & Dan for the lovely dinner, and to Sharon & Jimmy for the awesome breakfast at Pacific Diner - my all-time favorite!  Chris & Gail came to the Reception!  I was so happy to see them - it's been too long.  Now I have to figure out how to top this year's entry and get accepted again next year.  I have a few irons in the fire.  

FWS - Went to the first live FWS Convention since 2019, only to get chased out early by Hurricane Ian!  Not a happy camper about that.  I was able to to go the Board Dinner on Wednesday night, help out on Thursday, catch Mark Mehaffery's demo Thursday night, and help out on Friday.  In an abundance of caution and so we didn't get caught in evacuation traffic trying to get home, we hightailed it out Friday afternoon.  The storm ended up holding off until Tuesday, so I could have stayed, but with our vast experience with these things, we did the right thing, especially since it hit very close to where we were and didn't go north as predicted.  Still, I hated missing the stuff I worked so hard to help make happen all year.  It was very disappointing, but they had a good time without me.  

Lost Art Gallery - I'm honored to say I'm now represented in St. Augustine by the Lost Art Gallery on St. George Street, just off of King Street!  We spent the night in St. A and wandered into the gallery which was close to where we parked.  I had planned on beginning a gallery search in the Fall, so this was a gift from the Universe!  Great people, amazing collection of artwork, including Chagall, Dali, Picasso, John Lennon, and some locals.  Great website - check it out!  I'm in excellent company, plus I've already sold two paintings!  

Updated November 26th, 2022

Mako & Marshalls.jpeg

Happy to be home in San Pedro with Sharon & Jimmy!  They came to the NWS Reception to support me and see my painting, At the Corner of Olive & Onion.  Sharon introduced me to my husband 41+ years ago!  I've had her longer than I've had him!    


Receiving my awards certificates from Kathy Alexander, NWS Awards Chair, and Judy Saltzman, NWS Exhibition Director.  Happy day!

Got to spend some time with FWS my partner in crime, Rita Szopinski, who moved to CA from Key Largo this past spring.